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About Australian Circuit

Formula 1 Australian Grand prix

Albert Park Circuit

  • No. of Laps: 58
  • No. of Corners: 16
  • Circuit length: 5.303 km
  • Race distance: 307.574 km

    Melbourne has been the home of the Australian GP since 1996. It is a unique track; despite being a street circuit, cars can easily hit top speeds. Turn 1 is usually the most challenging part of the circuit, with drivers expected to decelerate from over 300 km/hr to 140 km/h within 115 meters.

    Ferrari is the most successful constructor in Melbourne, winning eight races throughout history. Michael Schumacher, meanwhile, is the most successful driver, winning the Melbourne GP four times in his career.

Which Grandstand Should You Go For?

For an Awesome View of the First Lap

  • Brabham Grandstand: Hands down, the Brabham Grandstand is the place to be for the initial jostling between the drivers as they compete for a decent spot on the track at Turns 1 & 2. The Moss Grandstand, while similarly placed and cheaper, is further away than the Brabham Grandstand - making the latter the best vantage point to view the first lap of the race.

For the Best Overtaking Spot

  • Hill Grandstand: A short distance away from Turn 3, this grandstand is the place to be if you're looking for some of that racing drama that this leg of the race at Albert Park is popular for (case in point, Martin Brundle's massive crash in 1996).
  • Ricciardo Grandstand: This exciting spot is even closer to the track than Hill Grandstand, making this yet another section to see some of those wheels swerving in last-minute braking and speeding.

For a Budget Buy

  • General Admission: While general admission may not be one of the popular, covered grandstands with reserved seating, it allows for some great vantage points without burning through your budget. Brocky's Hill, especially, is an overcrowded yet exciting (with elevated spots!) area to enjoy the Australian GP 2023.
  • Senna Grandstand: This amazing set of seats, located in the same cluster of grandstands as Schumacher and Prost, is not only one of the cheapest grandstand seating available but is also a great vantage point to view the last leg of the race.

For the Best View of the Final Stretch

  • Prost Grandstand: Closer to the pit entry than the Schumacher Grandstand, the Prost Grandstand offers an extremely close view of Turns 15-16, before the cars inevitably speed down the straight. Truly exhilarating!

For a Hair's Breadth Distance from the Track

  • Ricciardo Grandstand: Located right smack in the middle of Turns 3 & 4, the Ricciardo Grandstand has you sitting incredibly close to the circuit. You can also rest assured that this covered grandstand will protect you against the sun and unseasonal rain, if any, during the race.

For the Picture-Perfect Shot

  • Lauda Grandstand: Those equipped with a camera and hunting down the best photography angle are going to love the elevated seating that Lauda Grandstand offers, especially due to the panoramic views of the track here.

Plan Your Visit to the Australian GP 2023

Getting There
Visitor Tips
Rules & Regulations
Melbourne Essentials
getting at Formula 1 Australian Grand prix
Facilities at Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit

Facilities at Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit

  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Several grandstands at the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit offer wheelchair accessibility, ensuring people with mobility issues can enjoy the race.
  • Food and Beverages: There are plenty of food, water, and alcohol options near every grandstand at the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit.
  • Toilets: Multiple makeshift but functional toilets are available, and the queue is short.
  • Merchandise: You can grab your official Formula 1 merchandise at the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit.
Tips for visiting Formula 1 Australian Grand prix

  • Online tickets: You cannot purchase tickets at the gate. Buy it in advance and ensure you've downloaded it on your phone to save time.
  • Know your gate: Your ticket to the Australian GP comes with information about the gate to enter from.
  • Use public transport: Public transport is the most affordable as well as the best way to reach Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit. The ticket includes free tram travel between the city and the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit.
  • Food is expensive: While you can buy food inside the arena, it costs a considerable amount. Coppersmith Restaurant, Tacco & Tosca, and Third Wave Cafe are a few nearby restaurants you can try.
  • Dress comfortably: Melbourne enjoys warm but pleasant weather at the end of March. Dress accordingly.
  • Arrive early: There's a mad rush to watch Formula 1 in Melbourne. Arrive early, so you don't miss the action.
  • Bring binoculars: If you have tickets to upper seats in a grandstand, bring your binoculars to follow the action everywhere on the circuit.
Formula 1 Australian Grand prix rules
  • Outside alcohol is prohibited: You cannot bring alcohol purchased from outside in the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit. Alcohol must be purchased from within the facility.
  • Animals aren't allowed: Barring assistance dogs, no animals are allowed inside the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Circuit.
  • Photography and filming: Pictures and videos recorded on your personal device must be for personal use only. You cannot use pictures, videos, and films recorded at the circuit for professional use.
  • Prohibited items: Glass bottles, chairs, benches, questionable clothing, whistles, laser pointers and flares, and drones, among others, are prohibited within Albert Park Circuit.
Formula 1 Australian Grand prix
  • Visa: Barring New Zealanders, foreign visitors must obtain a visa to watch the Australian GP. Fortunately, you can apply for a visa electronically and receive it in your mail immediately.
  • Time Zone: UTC/GMT +10 hours
  • Currency: $AUD (Australian dollar)
  • Socket: Type I power sockets
  • Language: English.
  • Weather: The end of March and the beginning of April is an excellent time to visit Melbourne. Temperatures fluctuate between 21°C (70°F) to 12°C (53°F).

What to Expect at Australian GP 2023?

Track & Weather Conditions

  • Temperature: 14-22°C (57-72°F)
  • Rainfall: 50mm (2 inches)
  • Humidity: Average humidity is around 65%
  • Winds: 10-20 km/h (6-12 mph)
  • Sunlight: 10 hours of daylight

In true Melbourne fashion, the weather conditions during the race weekend are expected to the sunny and dry with the smallest chance of rainfall. Friday may see a light drizzle, with the likelihood of rain going down substantially on Saturday and Sunday. With this in mind, the drivers will prospectively still have a hard time navigating the circuit after the renovations it had undergone in 2022.

Predicted track condition for the Melbourne GP 2023 includes wet, dry, and slick conditions. In addition to these expected conditions, the circuit can also experience patchy rain from showers in nearby areas. With the weather being neither too humid nor too dry, the cars' tyres are expected to be able to maneuver the circuit with ease without too many modifications.

Keep up with the race on your phone

Want to keep your eyes and ears on every single detail of the race? Get live commentaries and Twitter updates of the race even when you're in the grandstands so as to not miss out on crucial moments of on-track action. You can even tune in to the radio (on 99.7 FM) for an equally exhilarating commentary.

Don't forget about the support races

Along with the main F1 race, there are several support races that take place throughout the weekend. These races feature up-and-coming drivers and can be just as exciting as the main event. Don't miss out on the chance to watch some future F1 stars in action.

Get a glimpse of the drivers at the Melbourne Walk

The official fan sign event at the Albert Park Circuit is one that naturally attracts a huge crowd of people. For easier access to your favorite drivers, head to the Melbourne Walk for a lucky selfie, autograph, or even a chat with the racing legends.

Unforgettable Australian GP Moments

Ricciardo's Disqualification

After finishing in second place, it looked like Ricciardo would be able to make his first podium finish at the event - but it wasn't meant to be. The Aussie had exceeded the maximum allowed fuel flow rate during his qualifying session, and this violated Article 5.1.4 of the FIA International Sporting Code.

Fernando Alonso's Massive Crash

Fernando Alonso had an incredibly lucky escape at the fast-paced Formula 1 in February 2021. The two-time Formula One champion found himself caught up in a massive crash, with his car flying off the track and over a four meter barrier. Despite being upside down, the Spaniard walked away unharmed.

Magnussen and Grosjean's Pit Stop Malfunction

Magnussen and Grosjean's pit stop malfunction was one of the most disastrous moments of the 2019 Formula One season. The two Haas F1 drivers had made their way to the pits, only to find out that their mechanics weren't ready for them - they hadn't even begun to remove the wheels from their cars!

Neck-to-Neck Action by Verstappen & Hamilton

At the Australian GP 2020, after two safety car periods due to a red flag, the race was brought down to the final ten laps and it was Verstappen who emerged victorious after having led the entire race. After being passed by Lewis Hamilton on one of the final laps, Verstappen fought back and overtook his Mercedes rival on the penultimate lap to take an amazing win.

Australian GP Fanzone

Melbourne Walk
Fan Forum Stage
Merch Shop

Basically, the Melbourne Walk is a big party that happens on the Thursday before the Australian GP at the Albert Park circuit. It's a chance for fans to get up close and personal with the drivers and teams before the action kicks off on the track.

The atmosphere is electric, with music blaring, people cheering, and the smell of gasoline and rubber in the air. There are usually a bunch of stalls set up, selling all kinds of F1 merchandise, as well as food and drinks to keep you fueled up for the day.

But the real highlight of the Melbourne Walk is getting to see the drivers themselves. They all parade down the walkway, signing autographs and taking selfies with fans. It's a great opportunity to get a glimpse of your favorite driver up close and maybe even get a quick chat in!

The Fan Forum Stage is another great attraction for F1 fans at the Albert Park circuit during the GP weekend.

Basically, it's a stage set up in a central location where fans can come to listen to and interact with some of the biggest names in the sport. The stage (within walking distance of other amenities at the circuit) hosts a series of Q&A sessions, interviews, and panel discussions throughout the weekend, featuring drivers, team personnel, and other F1 experts.

What's also really cool about the Fan Forum Stage is that it's open to all fans with a General Admission ticket, so you don't need any special passes or tickets to attend.

One of the best things about the merch shop here at the Albert Park Circuit is the variety of products on offer. You can find gear for all the teams and drivers, as well as official F1 merchandise, such as branded mugs, keychains, and lanyards.

Another great feature of the shop is the exclusivity of some of the items. For instance, you can find limited edition t-shirts and hats that are only available at the Albert Park Circuit store. So, if you want to grab a unique piece of F1 memorabilia, this is the place to do it.

Of course, the shop can get pretty busy during the race weekend, so it's a good idea to plan ahead and allocate some time to browse through the items on offer. The prices can also be a bit steep, so be prepared to spend a bit more than you would for typical fan merchandise.

Australian GP 2023 Results

To say that the 2023 Australian GP was dramatic would be an understatement.The race started with a bang as Russell took the lead from Verstappen, closely followed by Hamilton in P2. Further behind, Stroll and Leclerc were battling it out when Turn 3 when Leclerc ended up in the gravel, and out of the race. This brought out the first safety car of the race. Soon after a host of drivers came in for a quick change of tires, the race resumed.

Three laps after, Albon crashed into the barriers at Turn 7, which resulted in another safety car. Some chose to pit, the others didn’t. And those who didn’t: what a good decision indeed! The debris from the crash, resulted in the first red flag of what turned out to be a fairly long race.When the race resumed after a standing start, Russell suffered an engine failure, which ended his strong run that weekend. After a bried Virtual Safety Car, the race resumed to normal. Max kept pulling away in P1, but the battle for P2 was far more exciting! Watching ex-teammates Alonso and Hamilton race each other for P2 was a treat to our eyes indeed. A while later, on lap 56 to be exact, Magnussen crashed into the wall at Turn 2, which eventually brought out the second red flag of the race. The race had its third standing start in what was supposed to be a two-lap shootout to the end. At the restart though, Sainz and Alonso crashed at Turn 1, Gasly collided with his teammate Ocon, Sargeant and de Vries crashed, and Perez and Stroll went off all on their own. Drama? Drama!

SIX cars out in three turns. Honestly felt like it we were watching a movie playing out. Anywhoo, after the third red flag of the race, we got racing again with a rolling start, and watched Max Verstappen claim his first win in Australia! This eventful race has certainly set the tone for the rest of the season. We’ll see you there?






Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing Honda RBPT



Lewis Hamilton




Fernando Alonso

Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes



Lance Stroll

Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes



Sergio Perez

Red Bull Racing Honda RBPT



Lando Norris

Mclaren Mercedes



Nico Hulkenberg

Haas Ferrari



Oscar Piastri

Mclaren Mercedes



Zhou Guanyu

Alfa Romeo Ferrari



Yuki Tsunoda

Alphatauri Honda RBPT


Frequently Asked Questions About Australian GP

Which are the best seats to watch the Australian GP?

Every grandstand at the Australian GP offers a unique experience, but the Brabham Grandstand is special. It is located at the interior of Turn 1, where drivers try to edge each other out after lights out.

Where is the Australian GP being held?

The Australian GP will be held at Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit in Melbourne.

What are my food and drink options at the Australian GP?

Every Australian GP grandstand offers quick food and beverage access. You'll have plenty of options, including seafood like lobster rolls and snapper croquettes. However, the cost will be on the higher side. You can bring your food, but alcohol from outside isn't allowed in the arena.

Who was the winner of the Australian GP in 2022?

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc clinched the win at the 2022 Australian GP.

What are the best things to do in Australia?

Melbourne is a fantastic tourist destination. As one of the most liveable cities in the world, it promises a pleasant and memorable experience, with tourists mesmerized by Melbourne's coffee, culture, and artsy laneways.

How's the weather in Melbourne during the Formula 1 GP?

Melbourne enjoys pleasant, comfortable weather during the Formula 1 GP. Temperatures hardly exceed 21°C (70°F) during the day, while you can expect the mercury to drop to 12°C (53°F) in the evening.