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Austrian GP

About Red Bull Ring Circuit

Austrian GP 2023 - Red Bull Ring Circuit

Red Bull Ring Circuit

  • No. of Laps: 71
  • No. of Corners: 8
  • Circuit length: 4.318 km
  • Race distance: 306.452 km

The Red Bull Ring, constructed in the winter of 1995-96 by legendary German race architect Hermann Tilke, replaced the original Osterreichring built in 1969. Formula 1 was introduced to the Red Bull Ring in 1970, with Williams Racing's Jacques Villeneuve winning the race.

The circuit offers a mix of long straights and fast corners, demanding pace and skill. Drivers need power in the first half of the circuit, as it has three straights. The second half is more technical, made of a series of quick corners, including the Rindt right-hander.

Austrian GP Seating Plan

F1 Austrian GP Grandstand
F1 Austrian GP Grandstand
F1 Austrian GP Grandstand
F1 Austrian GP Grandstand
F1 Austrian GP Grandstand
F1 Austrian GP Grandstand
F1 Austrian GP Grandstand

Red Bull Grandstand A - N

Located between turns 1 and 2, these grandstands give you the perfect view of cars racing down the straight, trying to gain an advantage over each other. The stand also offers fantastic views of the pit, giving you a chance to see whether teams pull off their strategy correctly.

You can also quickly access the F1 Village and catch the action live on the two giant screens.

Steiermark Grandstand

Located behind turn one, Steiermark Grandstand provides a view of the grid and the action at turn one. It is an excellent place to witness the range of a Formula 1 car; you'll see cars going over 330 kph before relaxing the throttle. F1 Fan Village and bars are nearby, so you'll also have access to off-track entertainment.

Start-Finish Grandstand A - Q

Pit-lane action is best experienced at the Start-Finish Grandstand. It stretches the length of the pit straight and is also the only grandstand at the Austrian Grand Prix that protects from the sun and weather. The pre-race atmosphere here is palpable, and is certain to get you excited for what’s to come.

T9 and T10 Grandstands

The final corners are unpredictable, and that's what makes the T9 and T10 Grandstand incredible. They are the newest stands at the circuit, and provide fantastic views of the final turns, pit entry, and start/finish straight.

Schönberg Grandstand

The DRS zone often decides the race winner. Schönberg Grandstand is located along the critical DRS zone between Turns 3 and 4. An F1 car at F1 tilt is a sight to behold, making the Schönberg Grandstand a unique place at the Austrian Grand Prix.

With its unique location at the top of the hill, the grandstand also offers excellent views of the whole track. Remember to carry your binoculars to keep up with the action.

T3 Grandstand

Another new grandstand at the Red Bull Ring, T3 Grandstand, is at the steepest point of the circuit. It is followed and preceded by the DRS zone, so you'll see the true breadth of F1 cars. Due to its location, T3 Grandstand can provide a bird's eye view of the circuit. Bring your binoculars, grab a drink, and enjoy the best of the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring.

T8 Grandstand

The T8 Grandstand was only added to the Red Bull Ring in 2022. It is among the fastest sections on the circuit, located in the infield section through Turns 7 and 8.

Things to do at Formula 1 Austrian GP

Day 1 - Friday
Day 2 - Saturday
Day 3 - Sunday
Austrian GP 2023 - Free Practice 1 & qualifying

Free Practice 1 & Qualifying



  • The action begins on Friday at the Red Bull Bring. Free Practice 1 is held on Friday, with drivers getting 90 minutes to test their Formula 1 cars and feel the circuit before qualifying. Free Practice is essential for drivers to familiarize themselves with their car and the circuit.



  • Qualifying at the Austrian Grand Prix 2023 will take place on Friday. Drivers will aim to record the quickest lap time to gain a position over their rivals at the starting grid for the main race on Sunday.
Austrian GP 2023 - FP 2 and sprint

Sprint Shootout & Sprint

Sprint Shootout


  • Sprint Shootout at the Austrian Grand Prix 2023 will be on Saturday. Drivers and F1 teams can further understand their cars, rethink their race strategy, and aim to bag maximum points.



  • The Sprint Shootout is a shorter qualifying session on Saturday, replacing the second one-hour practice session, setting the grid for the Sprint.
  • The Sprint Shootout and F1 Sprint do not impact the Grand Prix and encourage drivers to push more in the Sprint for more points.
Austrian GP 2023 - Race Day

Race Day


  • Nothing beats the excitement of race day at the Austrian Grand Prix. Seeking to leave an early mark on the Championship trophy, F1 race days at the Red Bull Ring promise fun and unlimited excitement.
  • Across the 71 laps, the straight stretches, fast corners, and speed traps always lead to some dramatic competitions.
  • This is quite an old-school circuit, located within the rolling hills of country-side Austria – leading to some tricky weather conditions. It can either be sweltering hot, or pouring cats and dogs.

Plan Your Visit to the Austrian GP

Getting There
Visitor Tips
Rules & Regulations
Spielberg Essentials
Austrian GP 2023 - Getting there
Austrian GP 2023 - Facilities

Facilities at the Red Bull Ring

  • Wheelchair Accessibility: The Red Bull Ring has been designed keeping the requirements of disabled individuals in mind. Several grandstands are wheelchair accessible, with some seats specifically for individuals with disabilities.
  • Food and Beverages: You can buy food and drinks from various stands at the Red Bull Ring.
  • Toilets: Expect spotless toilets at the Red Bull Ring. Multiple toilets have been made, so there's no queue as well.
  • Merchandise: While the price is on the higher side, you can buy all types of F1 merchandise at the Red Bull Ring.
Austrian GP Tickets - Visitor Tips
  • Online tickets: It is better to purchase your tickets online for hassle-free entry to the Red Bull Ring.
  • Choose Vienna International Airport: Vienna International Airport is the best choice if you're planning to fly for the Austrian Grand Prix. It is connected to the major airports in the country and abroad. You can easily get a cab from the airport to the Red Bull Ring.
  • Free shuttle buses: You can get a free shuttle bus from nearby airports and bus stations to the Red Bull Ring.
  • Outside food is allowed: You can bring drink cans and food from outside for personal use.
  • Expensive merchandise: You can buy F1 merchandise at the Red Bull Ring, but the cost is on the higher side.
  • Don't bring glass: Avoid bringing any glass items and products, as they will be confiscated by security.
  • Expect pleasant weather: The weather in Spielberg in July is comfortable. It is neither too warm nor too cold. Dress accordingly.
  • Bring binoculars: As some parts of the Red Bull Ring are elevated, you can get a view of the action happening all over the circuit. Bring your binoculars to keep up with the cars.
Austrian GP Tickets - Rules & Regulations
  • Climbing: Sitting on fences and barriers is prohibited. Also, avoid blocking the stairs and escape routes.
  • Animals aren't allowed: You cannot bring animals to the Austrian Grand Prix.
  • Alcohol and drug use: Visitors who appear under the influence of alcohol and drugs might be expelled from the Red Bull Ring.
  • Drones are prohibited: Unmanned equipment like drones or model aerial vehicles are restricted at the Red Bull Ring.
  • Cameras: Video cameras for professional recording are prohibited at the Red Bull Ring.
  • Glass and breakable bottles: Beverages in glass and breakable bottles must be avoided at the Austrian Grand Prix.
  • Weapons: Knives, iron bars, and other pieces of metal objects are strictly prohibited.
Austrian GP 2023 - Spielberg Essentials
  • Visa: Depending on your citizenship, you may or may not need a visa for the Austrian Grand Prix. Citizens of most Western nations can enter the country visa-free for up to 90 days.
  • Time Zone: GMT +1 hour (UTC +2 hours)
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Socket: Type F power sockets
  • Language: German and English
  • Weather: Summer sets in at Spielberg in July. Therefore, you can expect comfortable temperatures between 14-25°C at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Austrian GP 2023 Results






Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing RBPT



Charles Leclerc




Sergio Perez

Red Bull Racing



Lando Norris




Fernando Alonso

Aston Martin



Carlos Sainz Jr




George Russell




Lewis Hamilton




Lance Stroll

Aston Martin



Pierre Gasly



Frequently Asked Questions About Austrian GP

Which are the best seats to watch the Austrian GP?

The Red Bull Grandstand is among the most popular grandstands at the Red Bull Ring. It offers panoramic views of the on-track action, with plenty of off-track entertainment located nearby.

Where is the Austrian GP being held?

The Austrian Grand Prix is held in Spielberg at the Red Bull Ring. Here is the address.

What has changed in the F1 2023 format?

The key change is that the result of Saturday’s shorter race will no longer affect the grid for Sunday’s Grand Prix and will be decided by Friday’s qualifying session. The fastest car on Friday evening will start from the pole on Sunday.

What is the F1 2023 sprint?

The F1 Sprint race format has changed for the 2023 season. The new weekend addition is the F1 Sprint Shootout, which will serve as a standalone qualifying session for the Sprint race. This session will take place on Saturday before the Sprint race. In the Sprint Shootout, drivers must use specific types of tires in certain sessions, with medium tires used in SQ1 and SQ2 and soft tires in SQ3. All the tires used must be new sets, and drivers without a new set cannot participate in the qualifying session. Meanwhile, the point system remained the same as the previous Sprint session.

How does the new 2023 sprint format affect the race?

In contrast to past seasons, the Sprint race outcome in 2023 will not determine the starting grid for the Grand Prix. Consequently, there will be only one practice session on Friday before qualifying, establishing the starting grid for Sunday's Grand Prix.

What happens on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after the F1 sprint 2023 format change?

According to the new 2023 Sprint format, 
Day 1: Friday
-Practice 1

Day 2: Saturday
-Sprint Shootout

Day 3: Sunday
-Race Day

What is an F1 Sprint shootout?

The most significant modification to the F1 format is the introduction of the "F1 Sprint Shootout," which serves as a new qualifying format for the Sprint race. In previous seasons, the Friday qualifying session established the grid for Saturday's sprint race, which would then determine the basis for the grid on Sunday. However, this year, the F1 Sprint Shootout will be a separate one-time qualifying event for the Sprint race, held before Saturday's event on the same Grand Prix weekend.

How does the sprint shootout affect the final grid position?

The sprint shootout does not affect the final grid position, as it is a standalone event of the Grand Prix now. In fact, the grid for the final race on Sunday is determined by the qualifying session on Friday.

What are my food and drinks options at Austrian GP 2023?

There are several food and drink options at the Austrian Grand Prix. From burgers to pizzas, pastries, and classic Austrian dishes, you can buy all types of foods at food joints at the Red Bull Ring.

Who won at the Austrian GP in 2022?

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc took home the first position at the Austrian Grand Prix 2022.

What are the best things to do in Spielberg?

While the Red Bull Ring is Spielberg's biggest attraction, there are plenty of other things to do in the Austrian city. You can go hiking around the mountains or cycle around the city. There's also a pilgrimage church of Maria Buch in the region you can add to your Spielberg itinerary.

How is the weather in Spielberg during the Austrian GP?

Spielberg enjoys pleasant weather in July, with temperatures ranging between 14-25°C.