Azerbaijan GP 2023 Seating Plan | Grandstand Info, Ticket Prices & More

Excited to attend the most thrilling race in Azerbaijan? Know about the different seating options, go through the seating plan and choose the perfect seats depending on the viewpoints of the track. Here's a detailed seating plan for you to check out to find out which grandstands are the best suited for your viewing needs at the Azerbaijan GP 2023!

Where to sit at Azerbaijan GP 2023?

Azerbaijan GP Grandstands 

Absheron Main Grandstand

Best for View of Start, Finish, Podium View, Pit Wall

Perfect for:

  • Enjoying the exciting Start and finish
  • Pitlane action
  • Maximum comfort, as It’s a covered stand

What to expect? 

  • Set directly opposite the pit building, the Absheron Main Grandstand offers a view of the track from the pitlane. 
  • The Absheron Main Grandstand also features a bird’s eye view of the frantic pitlane action and F1 fan zone.

From EUR 728

Azerbaijan gp grandstand

AzNeft Grandstand

Best for Views of Turn 16

Perfect for:

  • Panoramic views
  • Viewing some overtaking action
  • High-speed acceleration views

What to expect? 

  • The Azneft grandstand features views of Turn 16. 
  • Marvel at the F1 cars as they come to the stop before the 90-degree turn onto the main straight. Don’t miss the giant screen in front.

From EUR 485

Azerbaijan gp grandstand

Icheri Sheher Grandstand

Best for Turns 13 to 15

Perfect for:

  • Enjoying the most high-speed action
  • For the most thrilling turns around the tight castle and old town

What to expect? 

  • The Icheri Sheher Grandstand is one of the best viewpoints for the fans located at the exit. 
  • Admire the views of Turns 13 to 15 as cars accelerate down the downhill final sector of the track. 

From EUR 450

Azerbaijan gp grandstand

Filarmonia Grandstand

Best for Views of Turn 8 and 11

Perfect for:

  • Viewing the action at the final straight

What to expect? 

  • Filarmonia Grandstand is located at the apex of Turn 16, which is the final corner before the start/finish straight. 
  • The Filarmonia Grandstand offers a great view of an F1 car when the car enters and exits. 

From EUR 232

Azerbaijan gp grandstand

Mugham Grandstand

Best for Main straight and Turns 6 and 7

Perfect for:

  • Dual views of cars moving in opposite directions, on different sections

What to expect? 

  • The Mugham Grandstand provides dual views of the long main straight track and Turns 6 and 7. 
  • Admire the views of the cars passing each other in opposite directions. 

From EUR 404

Azerbaijan gp grandstand

Sahil and Bulvar Grandstands

Best for Main straight, and Turns 5 and 6

Perfect for:

  • Views of two high-speed sections, with the beach is nearby

What to expect? 

  • Enjoy the breathtaking views of the main straight, Turns 5 and 6 from the two smaller adjacent grandstands in Sahil and Bulvar. 
  • Get views of the high-speed F1 cars running on the main straight. 

From EUR 404 (Sahil) and EUR 272 (Bulvar)

Azerbaijan GP grandstand

Khazar Grandstand

Best for Main Straight

Perfect for:

  • Enjoying the close action of the main straight

What to expect? 

  • Located inside the main straight is the Khazar stand, enjoy the views of running cars that pass this grandstand in both directions. 
  • Get outstanding views from the cars coming through Turn 6 and the action on the main straight.

From EUR 272

Frequently Asked Questions About Where to sit at Azerbaijan GP 2023

What are the best seats to watch the Azerbaijan GP?

The best seats to watch the Azerbaijan GP are located in the Main Grandstand. This area offers an elevated view of the race, providing fans with exceptional views of both pit lane and on-track action.

Where can I buy Azerbaijan GP tickets?

You can buy Azerbaijan GP tickets online.

Which are the cheapest seats to watch the Azerbaijan GP?

The cheapest seats to watch the Australia GP are those located in the Filarmonia grandstands.

As a first-time spectator, which grandstands should I go for?

As a first-time spectator, you should opt for the Absheron Main Grandstand as this area offers the best views of the track.

Which seat is best for a view of the start grid and paddock?

The Absheron Main Grandstand offers the view of the Start, Finish, Podium View, and Pit Wall. 

Which Azerbaijan GP seats offer the most action?

The best seats for the most action at the Azerbaijan GP are those located in the North Grandstand. This area provides excellent views of Turn 1, Turn 2 and the Lower Straight, giving spectators plenty of opportunities to view exciting on-track action.

Which grandstand is best to view the final corner and finish?

You should choose the Absheron Main Grandstand and Filarmonia Grandstand to enjoy the panoramic views of the final corner and finish.