Dutch GP 2023 Seating Plan | Grandstand Info, Ticket Prices & More

Buckle up for an unforgettable F1 experience at the Dutch GP 2023 by selecting the perfect grandstand seat! Get a detailed guide to choosing the best spot with distinct views of the pit lane and main straight. Don't miss out on the action - choose wisely and enjoy the ride!

Where to sit at Dutch GP 2023?

Dutch GP Grandstands 

Pit Grandstand

Best for a prime vantage point and protection from potential rain

Perfect for:

  • Fans seeking an immersive experience with great views of the pit lane, main straight, starting grid, and finish line.
  • Those who want the convenience of being close to amenities and facilities.

What to expect? 

  • Comfortable seats with seat backs and protection from the rain under a roof.
  • The electric atmosphere from Verstappen supporters and exciting battles for position in the DRS zone.
Dutch GP Grandstands 

Main Grandstand

Best for passionate fans wanting to be surrounded by orange-clad supporters

Perfect for:

  • Prime location overlooking the main straight and DRS zone.
  • Video walls opposite seating for comprehensive race viewing.

What to expect? 

  • Exceptional views of the start/finish line, starting grid, and podium. 
  • Only permanent/covered grandstand with close amenities and nearby toilets.
Dutch GP Grandstands 

Tarzan In Grandstand

Witnessing the legendary Tarzanbocht turn 1 in action at Zandvoort

Perfect for:

  • Fans who enjoy wheel-to-wheel action.
  • Those who want a comfortable seat and a big screen.

What to expect? 

  • Great views of the drivers battling for initial positions at the thrilling turn.
  • No roof, so prepare for weather changes.
Dutch GP Grandstands 

Ben Pon Grandstand

Offers views of the banked turn 3

Perfect for:

  • A well-rounded viewing experience with a mix of distant and close-up views
  • Fans who want to witness last-minute moves on the final corner

What to expect? 

  • Higher seating in Ben Pon 1 and lower seating in Ben Pon 2
  • Distant views of starting grid and final corner

From $700.35 (Ben Pon 1) and $582.77 (Ben Pon 2)

Dutch GP Grandstands 

Arena Grandstand

Best for a lively and electrifying F1 atmosphere

Perfect for:

  • Great atmosphere, deafening cheers and partying.
  • Located close to the main F1 Fanzone, food and drink stalls, and toilet facilities.

What to expect? 

  • Expect to see cars reduce their speed to navigate a slow chicane before propelling out toward the end of the lap.
  • The atmosphere is lively, with a DJ and big screens visible to everyone.

From $700.35

Dutch GP Grandstands 

Arena In Grandstand

Ideal for F1 fans looking for a prime location to witness overtaking action

Perfect for:

  • Those who want to experience a stadium-like atmosphere
  • Fans on a budget still want a great view of the DRS zone.

What to expect? 

  • A clear view of the DRS zone and drivers reducing speed before the chicane.
  • Excellent atmosphere, proximity to main Fan Zones, and a video wall.
Dutch GP Grandstands 

Arena Out Grandstand

Best for budget-conscious racegoers wanting views of turns 12 and 13 at Zandvoort

Perfect for:

  • Budget-conscious racegoers
  • Those looking for views of turns 12 and 13 at Zandvoort

What to expect? 

  • Exciting views of the exit of turn 12 and the approach to turn 13
  • Close proximity to the main F1 Fanzone, but expect congestion at peak times

From $439.64

Dutch GP Grandstands 

Eastside Grandstands

Best for witnessing close-wheel action on the DRS zone near turn 11

Perfect for:

  • Fans looking for fierce close-wheel action
  • Those who can afford a higher-priced gold package with better seating and atmosphere

What to expect? 

  • Three Eastside Grandstands at different price points
  • The Fourth parallel bronze grandstand is also available
  • Gold and silver stands have access to big screens, bronze has a slightly more restricted view

From $465.20

Dutch GP Grandstands 

Hairpin Grandstands

Hairpin Grandstands are perfect for slow-paced car sightings and photo opportunities

Perfect for:

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Photo opportunities

What to expect? 

  • Slow-moving cars at the hairpin turn
  • Far from the main F1 Fanzone and has no roof

From $408.97

Frequently Asked Questions About Where to sit at Dutch GP 2023

What are the best seats to watch the Dutch GP?

The best seats to watch the Dutch Grand Prix are those located at the start-finish line. From these seats, you can get an up-close view of all the action on the track, from cars rushing past at high speeds to accompanying pit stops.

Where can I buy Dutch GP tickets?

You can get Dutch GP tickets from various third-party vendors online.

Which are the cheapest seats to watch the Dutch GP?

Hairpin Grandstands are the cheapest seats to watch the Dutch GP.

As a first-time spectator, which grandstands should I go for?

Main Grandstand recommended for first-time spectators at Dutch GP.

Which seat is best for a view of the start grid and paddock?

Main Grandstand offers a view of the start grid and paddock at Dutch GP.

Which Dutch GP seats offer the most action?

Tarzan In Grandstand and Main Grandstand offer the most action.

Which grandstand is best to view the final corner and finish?

Ben Pon Grandstand is best to view the final corner and finish at the Dutch GP.