The Last Dance: What to expect at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Well, it’s time. Winter break is upon us and so is the sadness that the lack of F1 races brings. But, Abu Dhabi always ensures we have something to discuss until testing starts! Here’s everything we’re looking forward to seeing at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix:

We all know that Verstappen has had a stellar run so far. With 18 wins this season, he has already broken the record for most wins in a season, and will confidently be finishing third in the all-time winners list. If he wins here, it’ll be his 7th consecutive win and he’ll move to third between himself and Sebastian Vettel!

On the Constructors’ championship side, we’ve got a battle on our hands. If you remember Las Vegas, you know this battle continued off-track when a certain Brackley team denied reversing the penalty for the Scarlet team. With just four points between them, this race is sure to be a cracker.

Over at the McLaren vs Aston Martin battleground, both teams have had spectacular halves of the season - McLaren the second half, and Aston Martin the first. And just when all of us thought that Aston Martin’s run had come to an end, they made a comeback! With eleven points between the two, you bet we’re sitting with popcorn for this one.

The New Entrants 

With all teams required to have rookie drivers run in at least one practice session, FP1 will see at least half the grid replaced. The new talent is all set to impress us! With names such as Pato O’Ward, Jake Dennis and Zak O’Sullivan stepping in these cars, you best believe it’s going to be one to remember.

With just one seat vacant before the 2024 season starts, the Williams garage has a lot to think about. Logan Sargeant’s future will potentially be decided this weekend. His performance in this race will either make Williams' decision easier, or harder. Only one way to find out!

The sun is setting on an incredible Formula 1 season, and trust us, you do not want to miss this one. What’s more, is that the Foo Fighters are also playing, so you’re all set for a rocking weekend. Get your tickets now!