Guenther Steiner, F1’s main character is dropped by HAAS F1

It’s the end of an era in Formula One as Guenther Steiner leaves the Haas F1 Team. After a ten-year tenure marked by both turbulence and triumph, this surprise announcement leaves fans, experts, and essentially everyone quite confused and, let’s face it, a little sad!

Steiner's arrival coincided with Haas's historic debut as the first American-owned team to compete in F1 since 1960. Tasked with building a team with limited resources and (if Drive to Survive taught us anything) very high expectations. But in his classic and nonchalant way, Steiner's leadership proved instrumental in guiding Haas to a few decent midfield finishes and even a stunning pole position at the  São Paulo Grand Prix in 2022, thanks to Kevin Magnussen.

His outspoken personality and fiery team radio exchanges became Haas's signature, and his "F**k" outbursts earned him cult-like status among fans. Though direct albeit controversial, his work ethic has certainly helped Haas punch above its weight. Unfortunately, the 2023 season proved more challenging, even after the Italian-American pinned his hopes on the veteran drivers Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hülkenberg and dropped Mick Schumacher. Last season saw Haas languishing at the back of the field, struggling to adapt to the new car regulations. 

While the official reasons for Steiner's departure remain undisclosed, speculation abounds. Some suggest his abrasive style alienated team members, while others point to strategic disagreements with team owner Gene Haas. The team's poor performance likely played a role, with Haas seeking a fresh start in pursuit of improved results.

The impact of Steiner's departure is yet to be fully seen. His successor, Aya Komatsu, a long-time Haas figure with a more technical background, faces the arduous task of rebuilding team morale and guiding them back up the grid. There are also reports of the departure of Technical Director Simone Resta, with only a few weeks before the unveiling of the new cars.

For Steiner, the future is uncertain. His fiery character and proven leadership make him a valuable asset to any F1 team. Whether he lands another team principal role, takes on a different position within the sport, or pursues entirely new ventures, one thing is certain: Guenther Steiner's will not be easily forgotten.