Hungarian Grand Prix 2023: Battle at the Hungaroring

The Hungarian Grand Prix is always one of the most exciting races of the season thanks to its tight and twisty layout that challenges drivers' skills and patience like nothing else. Going into the race, Max Verstappen is 99 points ahead in the Drivers' Championship and has won 6 times in a row. It’s certain that he’ll be looking to continue his winning streak here. In fact, he needs to only come second in the rest of the races to clinch the title! On the other hand, the battle for P2 is heating up! Perez continues to struggle, as Mercedes, McLaren and Williams continue to bring upgrades. 

Where are the Ferraris amidst this chaos? Well, with them: one never knows! We’ll only find out over the course of the weekend if another disaster awaits, or if Leclerc and Sainz can finally shine.

But all eyes on the Alpha Tauri garage this time, thanks to the return of crowd-favorite Daniel Ricciardo back (for good?). The Honey Badger will be looking to make big strides on the grid. Danny Ric fans will be hoping it’ll be like he never even left. 

All About the Track

The Hungaroring is often compared to a karting track. In fact, the resemblance is uncanny. Here, teams opt for a Monaco-esque setup that prefers downforce over everything else. It is also a track that rewards drivers who are able to conserve their tires. The track surface is very abrasive, and tires can wear out quickly. Drivers who are able to manage their tires effectively are usually well-positioned to win the race.

Most drivers often look forward to the race as it is a challenge that they relish. High track temperatures, short straights and beautiful views — what’s not to like? 

With the track bringing in lots of excitement at Hungary, and it also being the second to race before we disperse for summer break; there’s lots to do and lots more to look forward to. See you at the races!