Keanu Reeves Meets F1 In Docuseries About Brawn GP’s Championship Winning Season

Keanu Reeves, everyone’s collective favorite actor because well…he’s Keanu Reeves, is stepping into the world of documentary filmmaking for Formula 1 and Disney+. As a producer and host, he will bring us all Brawn GP's unlikely victory in Formula 1 through a captivating four-part series, of which we now finally have a glimpse with a few behind-the-scenes images. 

The documentary, tentatively titled "Brawn: The One Pound Formula 1 Team," will have Keanu at the helm, joined by key figures who played pivotal roles in the story. The focus will be on Brawn GP and Jenson Button's triumphant 2009 Formula 1 season. 

Documenting the possibility of numerous job losses, Ross Brawn, known for his success with Ferrari and Michael Schumacher, led a consortium that acquired the former Honda Racing team, which had decided to exit the sport at the close of 2008. The remarkable part? The purchase reportedly cost a mere symbolic pound.

While their competitors increased their development efforts with larger budgets, Brawn GP had a significantly smaller budget, minimal initial sponsorship, and limited assistance from engineering manufacturers. Yet somehow, the team dominated the first half of the 2009 season. It also ended with a drivers' title for Jenson Button and the team's first and only constructors' championship.

The documentary will see The Matrix actor sit down with those who were close to the action on track, including Ross Brawn and Jenson Button. The documentary will also incorporate previously unseen footage from Formula 1's archives to present this remarkable season's story.

More on this when Brawn: The One Pound Formula 1 Team releases later this year.