Viva Las Vegas: The Formula 1 Show hits the Vegas speed strip

It’s lights, camera, action! The Sin City is gearing up for an unprecedented event in its glitzy history – the Las Vegas Grand Prix, set to take place from November 16-18, 2023. This isn’t just another race; it’s a high-octane celebration in the sports and entertainment capital of the world.

The Vegas circuit

Imagine the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, not just as a backdrop but as an integral part of a 3.8-mile street circuit. The track layout is designed to let the cars hit blistering speeds of up to 212 mph. Expect 50 laps of intense competition under the neon glow of one of the most iconic streets in the world. The Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit, designed with thrilling racing in mind, combines spectacular features and strategic opportunities for overtaking. Its pit and paddock complex, tailor-made for this event, creates a stadium-like atmosphere at the lap's start. The track then unfolds into a long straight towards the Sphere, with the first DRS zone promising ample overtaking chances at Turn 5. A technical stretch leads into a sweeping chicane and onto The Strip, where drivers will tackle a flat-out mile, culminating in a challenging chicane at Turns 14-16. This layout is expected to foster speeds rivaling Monza and numerous overtaking possibilities, especially at Turn 1.

A race against the night

The main event, set for November 18, promises to be a spectacle like no other, with a 10 PM kick off. And yes, you read that right. November 18 which means it’s all going down on a Saturday. Die-hard fans, take a deep breath! It’s okay. Leading up to the main event, the city will host practice sessions on November 16 and 17, with the qualifying round on the night of November 17. Adding to the excitement, the Grand Prix will kick off with an official Opening Ceremony on November 15. Set at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit starting from 7.30 PM, the ceremony promises fan activities, car demonstrations, and driver appearances, setting the stage for the thrilling race weekend.

And the championship?

The battle for final standings intensifies. But only for second place! Post-Interlagos, Sergio Perez strengthens his hold on second place, while Lewis Hamilton, despite Mercedes' recent dip in form, remains a strong contender. With a 32-point gap, Hamilton must outscore Perez by seven points in Las Vegas to keep his hopes alive, mindful of the rising challenge from Fernando Alonso and Lando Norris.

In the constructors' championship, the focus is on Aston Martin and McLaren's tussle for fourth place. Aston Martin's recent performance showcases their straight-line speed, crucial for Las Vegas, while McLaren has shown consistent strength post-upgrades. The battle for second between Mercedes and Ferrari remains tight, with only 20 points separating them. This race could also be pivotal for AlphaTauri and Williams, with only seven points between them in the standings, making Las Vegas a crucial round for many teams. 

Off track

This week, alongside F1 battles on track, the inaugural Netflix Cup adds excitement. Four F1 drivers - Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz, Pierre Gasly, and Alex Albon - team up with golf pros for a live televised golf tournament. Held at Wynn Golf Club, this eight-hole match unites 'Drive to Survive' and 'Full Swing' stars, with rivalries set to spark before the track action begins. How many trophies will be broken, is something else to look forward to. See, we told you it’s all about lights, camera, and checkered flags here!