It’s official; Max Verstappen is a three-time World Champion!

Trust Verstappen to be crowned champion in the most unconventional way.

Setting the stage

The Lusail International Circuit was alive with anticipation. The roar of engines, the scent of burning rubber, and the promise of a champion being crowned. As the dust settled, it was Verstappen who emerged a three-time world champion.

The Sprint was a racing spectacle. Rookie Oscar Piastri, behind the wheel of his McLaren, clinched his maiden F1 victory, with Verstappen trailing in second and Lando Norris rounding up the podium. 

More than A dash to victory

The journey of Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing in 2023 has been an unyielding one. They set the tone early as a team that operated with a surgeon's precision. From Adrian Newey's design genius to the meticulous operations overseen by Jonathan Wheatley and the strategic brilliance of the pit wall, Red Bull was a force in motion. The sporting world rarely witnesses such a union of man, machine, and team working in perfect harmony.

While this season showcased Verstappen and Red Bull’s dominance, it also highlighted his love for competition. The fervor in his voice echoed a driver who relished a duel on the tarmac. As the champagne bottles pop in celebration of his third title, fans globally are left to wonder: What does 2024 hold for the Flying Dutchman?

With rivals like Mercedes, McLaren, and Ferrari gearing up, the target on Verstappen's back is more evident than ever. Yet, as this season has shown, the champion thrives under pressure.

The F1 world now turns its attention to Austin for the upcoming race, but one thing remains certain: Catch Verstappen if you can.

Join us for the next chapter of this thrilling saga during the United States Grand Prix weekend. Grab your tickets and be part of the action!