Every record Super Max holds in 2023. A much-needed recap:

Max Verstappen’s net worth is more than just the money in his bank! He had a truly unstoppable season. You know that, I know that, everybody who watches F1 knows that. But how many records did he actually break? That adds to the man’s earnings we say! So, if you are wondering how phenomenal his season really was, let’s find out.

1. All-Time Win List: Max Verstappen secures the third position with his 54th win at Yas Marina, surpassing Sebastian Vettel. He now chases Michael Schumacher's (91) and Lewis Hamilton's (103) victories.

2. Lap Leadership Milestone: Verstappen makes Formula 1 history, becoming the first driver to lead over 1000 laps in a single season, totaling an impressive 1003 laps.

3. Record-Breaking Season Wins: Max dominates with 19 wins in 2023, boasting the highest percentage of victories in a season, showcasing his unparalleled prowess.

4. Unmatched Race Performance: Breaking records continue—10 consecutive race wins, 21 podium finishes, and a record-high point total of 575 in a single season.

5. Hat-Tricks Galore: Verstappen achieves a remarkable 11 hat-tricks in one season, demonstrating unparalleled skill across qualifying, race, and fastest lap.

6. Every Lap Completed: A unique feat as the only driver to complete every lap in a racing season, covering an astounding total of 1325 laps.

7. Championship Standings Margin: Max sets a historic gap, leading Sergio Perez by 290 points in the Championship standings—the largest margin between the 1st and 2nd drivers.

8. European Race Sweep: Verstappen becomes the first driver ever to win every European race in a single season, adding another milestone to his illustrious career.

9. Sweep of Classics: Max achieves an unprecedented victory by winning all four classic races: Monaco, Silverstone, Monza, and Spa-Francorchamps.

10. Sprint Race Dominance: Continuing his supremacy, Max claims the most wins in sprint races, securing seven victories in this thrilling format.

Say what you will about Max and Red Bull’s dominance, this is one of the greatest seasons we’ve ever seen and will remain so for a long time. The RB19 was exceptional, and Max Verstappen ensured he extracted everything he could from it. The car was fast, sure, but it was also incredibly reliable. Whatever you threw at it, it survived and how!

Max Verstappen set the tone for this season early on. With back-to-back wins, strategies to kill for and the full support of his team behind him, he made this a season to remember.

What 2024 holds for the sport, and its viewers is this: excitement, an adrenaline rush (what with McLaren and Mercedes stepping up) and a battle for the ages. We’re already counting down the days! We’ll see you at pre-season testing.