Abu Dhabi GP 2023 Seating Plan | Grandstand Info, Ticket Prices & More

Are you ready for some high-speed thrills and excitement? Rev your engines and get ready for one of the most exciting events on the Formula One calendar - the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix! Whether you're a die-hard racing fan or just looking for a thrilling experience, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is sure to deliver with heart-pumping racing, electrifying entertainment, and breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. So buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable ride!

Where to sit at Abu Dhabi GP 2023?

Abu Dhabi GP Grandstands 

North Grandstand

Popular with fans wanting a panoramic view of the race

Perfect for:

  • Enjoying the stunning view of the Yas Viceroy Hotel and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park
  • A perfect location for photography enthusiasts to capture some stunning shots of the race and the surrounding

    What to expect:
  • The excitement of cheering on your favorite drivers alongside passionate fans from all over the world
  • A comfortable seating arrangement with access to food and beverage vendors

From €707.91

Abu Dhabi GP Grandstands 

West Grandstand

Great for witnessing a challenging chicane up close

Perfect for:

  • Watching the cars navigate through the chicane at Turns 8 and 9 at high speeds
  • Enjoying the stunning sunset over the Arabian Gulf
  • Family-friendly atmosphere with entertainment and activities for kids

What to Expect:

  • Up-close views of the cars as they take on the chicane
  • A vibrant atmosphere with enthusiastic fans from all over the world

From €489

Abu Dhabi GP Grandstands 

South Grandstand

Best for a thrilling view of the drivers taking on a challenging hairpin turn

Perfect for:

  • Watching the drivers navigate through the hairpin turn at Turn 11
  • Enjoying the atmosphere of the bustling Marina section of the circuit
  • Being in the heart of the action with like-minded fans from all over the world

What to Expect:

  • Comfortable seating with access to food and beverage vendors
  • The possibility of witnessing overtaking maneuvers and battles for position

From €679.78

Frequently Asked Questions About Where to sit at Abu Dhabi GP 2023

What are the best seats to watch the Abu Dhabi GP?

The best seats to watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are those located along the main straight. This is because they offer spectacular views of the action on track, as well as a great opportunity to watch cars accelerate and brake out of the chicanes.

Where can I buy Abu Dhabi GP tickets?

You can buy Abu Dhabi GP tickets from the official F1 website, Abu Dhabi GP website, or authorized ticketing agents.

Which are the cheapest seats to watch the Abu Dhabi GP?

The General Admission tickets are usually the cheapest, but prices vary depending on the location and view of the grandstand.

As a first-time spectator, which grandstands should I go for?

For first-time spectators, try South or North Grandstands for great views and a lively atmosphere.

Which seat is best for a view of the start grid and paddock?

The Main Grandstand provides the best view of the start grid and paddock.

Which Abu Dhabi GP seats offer the most action?

West Grandstand and Marina Grandstand offer the most action with great views of challenging turns and straightaways.

Which seats offer the best off-track action?

The Abu Dhabi Hill and Oasis areas offer the best off-track action with entertainment and activities.

Which grandstand is best to view the final corner and finish?

The Marina Grandstand and West Grandstand offer the best view of the final corner and finish line.