Plan Your Visit to Monza GP 2023 | Timings, Address & More!

The Monza GP is one of the most legendary races on the F1 calendar which is packed with loads of drama and adrenaline-pumping racing at the highest level. Will last year’s winner Max Verstappen continue to dominate at Monza or will we see a new winner this year? Mark your calendars as this year’s Monza GP promises to be a delightful spectacle for all F1 fans around the world.

Monza GP Timings

All timings mentioned are according to track time.

Monza GP Day 1

Day 1 - Friday

1st September 

FP1 & FP2 

Free practice 1 

  • 13:30 -14:30

Free practice 2

  • 17:00-18:00
Monza GP Day 2

Day 2 - Saturday

2nd September

FP3 & Qualifying 

Free practice 3 

  • 12:30-13:30


  • 16:00 - 17:00
Monza GP Day 3

Day 3 - Sunday

3rd September

Race Day

Driver’s Parade 

  • 13:00 - 13:30


  • 15:00 - 17:00

Getting to Monza GP 2023

Getting to Monza GP

Plan Your Visit to Monza GP 2023

Rules & Regulations
What to Expect?
Monza GP facilities

Facilities at Circuit Zandvoort

  • Medical Centre: The medical centre at Circuit Zandvoort is staffed by trained medical professionals who are on standby in case of accidents or emergencies. It is equipped with the latest medical equipment and facilities.
  • Retail Shops: There are several retail shops at Circuit Zandvoort that sell official merchandise, souvenirs, and other racing-related items.
  • Food and Beverage Outlets: The circuit has several food and beverage outlets that offer a wide range of options to cater to all tastes and preferences. These outlets include restaurants, cafes, bars, and food stalls.
  • Parking: The circuit has ample parking facilities for visitors. There are several parking lots available, and shuttle buses are provided to transport visitors to and from the circuit.
Monza GP weather

Weather in Monza

What to Expect in September?

  • Day: Mid-20s to 25°C
  • Night: 15°C - 20°C
  • Rainfall:  3.3 inches, unlikely to rain.
  • Humidity: Between 50-85% 
  • Winds:  1 - 2.5 mph
  • Sunlight: 12 hours
Monza GP rules and regulations
  • Photography - Photography and filming is permitted at Monza during the Italian Grand Prix. However, professional photography and filming require permission from the race management. 
  • Prohibited items - Large backpacks, glass bottles, cans, and dangerous weapons including knives and Swiss knives are prohibited. 
  • Smoking - You cannot smoke in covered areas and grandstands. There are designated smoking areas at the venue. 
  • Ticket - All visitors must have a valid ticket if they wish to enter Monza for either the free practise, qualifying, or the race. 
  • Re-entry - You are not allowed to re-enter once you leave the circuit.
  • Medical facilities
  • Parking
  • Merchandise shops
  • Food and beverage options
  • Wheelchair accessibility and assistance

Visitor Tips

  • Plan in advance - Plan your trip to the Monza GP including accommodating, transportation, and more well in advance as the event draws a large crowd each year. 
  • Dress appropriately - Although there is no dress code, visitors are expected to dress appropriately. Wear comfortable clothes and consider carrying an umbrella if rains or light showers are predicted. 
  • Arrive early - We recommend that you reach the circuit well before the start of the race to avoid long queues and crowding. 
  • Carry earplugs - F1 cars are very loud and the sounds can ruin your entire experience. Be sure to carry noise-cancellation earplugs to have a pleasant time throughout the race weekend. 
  • Explore - Do not forget to explore the different areas of the circuit including the fan zones, grandstands, and food and beverage areas. 

Plan Your Visit to Monza GP 2023

When is the Monza GP?

The Monza GP will take place between September 1 and September 3. The race is on September 3.

Where is the Monza GP?

The Monza GP or the Italian GP is in the Italian city of Monza which is around 15 km away from Milan.

What time does the Monza GP start?

The Monza GP starts at 18:30 local time.

What’s the best way to get to the Monza GP?

The best way to get to the Monza GP is by train from Milan. Trains depart from Milano Centrale and Milano Porto Garibaldi.

Are there any facilities at the Monza GP?

Yes, there are plenty of facilities at the Monza GP including parking, medical assistance, public toilets, food and beverage, fan zones, smoking areas, and more.

Is parking available at Monza GP?

Yes, parking is available at Monza GP.

What should I wear to the race?

Wear comfortable clothes made from lightweight fabric including linen and cotton. Consider carrying an umbrella to the race if the rains are on the cards.

What’s the weather like in Monza during the Grand Prix?

The weather in Monza during the race weekend is generally quite pleasant and mild. Although the weather is typically dry at this time of the year, an occasional downpour or shower is a common sight.

Are there any prohibited items in the Monza GP?

Yes, you are not allowed to carry sharp objects including knives, large bags including backpacks, and large items such as glass bottles and cans.

Can I film in the Monza GP?

Yes, non-commercial filming and photography are allowed in the Monza GP.