Spanish GP 2023 Seating Plan | Grandstand Info, Ticket Prices & More

The Spanish GP is held every year at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, located in Montmeló just outside of Barcelona. Here's a look at the Spanish Grand Prix seating plan – what you can expect and how much it will cost. 

Where to sit at Spanish GP 2023?

Saudi Arabian GP Grandstands 

Grandstand A

Superb for early overtaking action

Perfect for:

  • Excellent views of the start/finish straight and part of Turn one
  • If you want to be at the heart of all the action

What to Expect?

  • This grandstand allows you to follow every move on the track
  • Expect roaring engines, thrills and excitement 

From €44

Saudi Arabian gp grandstand

Grandstand F

Great for viewing the first corner!

Perfect for:

  • Fantastic views over Turns 14 & 15
  • Thundering action right next to Turn 1

What to Expect?

  • Affordable seating with great views
  • Best in its segment 

From €18

Saudi Arabian gp grandstand

Grandstand N

Impressive views straight down the back

Perfect for:

  • Following top class sportsmanship firsthand as it overlooks Turn 7
  • Thrilling views between Turns 8 and 9

What to Expect?

  • A tricky turn means an opportunity to witness impressive aerodynamic force
  • An action filled critical corner in view

From €19

Saudi Arabian gp grandstand

Grandstand K

One of the fastest straights in F1

Perfect for:

  • All those who love speed and action 
  • Witnessing cars charging across the most iconic scoreboard

What to Expect?

  • A view of Turns 1, 2, and 3
  • Superb view some great overtaking maneuvers.

From €69

Saudi Arabian gp grandstand

Grandstand J

Right alongside the pit lane exit

Perfect for: 

  • Excellent views from start to finish as well as good visibility into pit lane. 
  • A chance to see cars coming out of pits or brake into Turn 1. 

What to expect?

  • Situated above grandstand K on the outside of turn 1 and opposite turn 2. 
  • View of a large screen to keep track of the whole circuit 

From €69

Saudi Arabian gp grandstand

Grandstand L

High up on the hill, great overtaking views

Perfect for:

  • Great views throughout the race due to location advantage. 
  • Proximity to Spanish drivers’ home teams garages in Pit Lane A and B. 

What to expect?

  • Excellent views from a centrally located position
  • Easy access to all the facilities and services 

From €89

Saudi Arabian gp grandstand

Main Grandstand

Best view of the start and finish line

Perfect for:

  • Offering both an overview of pit lane activities as well as spectacular wheel–to–wheel racing 
  •  Elevated seating positions across different levels & stands

What to expect?

  • One of the best straights between turns 15 and 16
  • Where all the action starts and ends during each Spanish GP race weekend!  

From €109

Grandstand G & H

Amazing Panoramic & Picture-Perfect View

Perfect for:

  • Those on a budget looking for some amazing shots
  • Folks who want a clear and unobstructed view of the circuit

What to Expect?

  • Low to medium speed racing
  • Low chance of overtakes

Grandstand B & C

Best for an Electrifying Atmosphere

Perfect for:

  • A crystal-clear view of a massive chunk of the track
  • An exciting atmosphere all around

What to Expect?

  • Low chances of overtaking and high-speed racing
  • Cars slow down enough to photograph easily

Frequently Asked Questions About Where to sit at Spanish GP 2023

What are the best seats to watch the Spanish GP?

The best seats to watch the Spanish Grand Prix are located in the "Grandstands" section. From here, you will have an unparalleled view of the track and provide you with prime viewing of some of the most thrilling moments in F1 racing.

Where can I buy Spanish GP tickets?

Spanish GP tickets can be purchased online at the official website of the Spanish Grand Prix or through authorized ticket vendors.

Which are the cheapest seats to watch the Spanish GP?

The cheapest seats to watch Spanish GP are located in General Admission areas and offer a good view of the track, but no assigned seating.

As a first-time spectator, which grandstands should I go for?

As a first-time spectator, grandstands 3A and 3B offers an excellent view of the start grid while grandstand 15 offers an excellent view of the paddock area from its elevated vantage point.

Which seat is best for a view of the start grid and paddock?

Grandstand 14 is best for a view of the start grid and paddock as it gives direct access to both with close up views from its back rows leading up to the final corner making it ideal for watching cars flying down into turn 16 and heading off towards the finish line.

Which Spanish GP seats offer the most action?

Spanish GP seats that offer most action are located in grandstands 1, 2A/2B, 3A/3B or 8 which all provide great views across different parts around Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya's track such as starts and finishes with big screen visibility throughout these areas.

Which seats offer the best off-track action?

The best seats for off-track action at the Spanish GP would be in Grandstand B or Grandstand D, as these offer direct views of the track and the pit lane.

Which grandstand is best to view the final corner and finish?

To view the final corner and finish, Grandstand C is ideal since its elevated seating gives you an unmissable view of this section of track.